Binary Options Trading Guide

Trading binary options is easy and enjoyable as watching sports on TV. It only consists of 4 simple steps, allowing you to quickly comprehend and master all of its instruments.
Next, we’ll walk through the 4 main steps together to demonstrate their simplicity:

1. Select an Asset

To start trading, you must first choose the asset you wish to trade with. As illustrated in the picture below, you have 4 assets sub-categories: Stock, Currencies, commodities and indices. Navigate between the assets and choose your preferred asset.

*We recommend our traders to focus their trading on markets their familiar with.

Forex trading guide - step 1

2. Choose a Direction

If you predict the asset’s price will rise above the current market price, click Up
If you predict the asset’s price will drop below the current market price, click Down

*To your advantage, increase your success potential when exploiting the market and fundamental analyses along with the markets’ other general news and updates.

Forex trading guide - step 2

3. Enter an Amount

You can trade from as little as $1 and up to $10,000 per trade.


Forex trading guide - step 3

4. Collect Your Profits

Click “Invest Now” and wait till the option time expires.
A successful investment will grant you with up to 90% or even more profit on top of your initial investment.

Forex trading guide - step 4
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