Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Each Broker MUST have a FAQ Section!

On this section you will find answers to all your questions like:

Binary Options Basics
What are binary options?
What are underlying assets?
What are call options?
What are put options?
What is a strike price?
What are investment amounts?

Trading Binary Options
How do I trade?
What are the returns on successful investments?
What are my returns on options which expire ‘Out of the Money’?
I attempted to invest a certain amount in a single option, but got an error message saying: “I exceeded the maximum investment amount”. What should I do?
What are the displayed quoted prices/rates?
What are expiry levels?
What are expiry times?
How does the purchasing of traditional stocks differ from investing in binary options on Opteck?
What do the colors of the levels on the trading floor mean?
If an expiry level of an underlying asset matches the level at which the transaction was made, what then?
Are the profits taxable?
Why am I unable to invest?
Can I change the expiry times or time frames?
What are my minimum and maximum limits for investing in a single option?
Where are the assets’ trading hours displayed?

Banking (Deposit and Withdrawal)
What are the available deposit methods?
What currencies are available for use in My Account?
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Are there any withdrawals fees?
How much time will it take to confirm and process a withdrawal request?
How do I withdraw funds from my account?
Must I deposit money to register?
What is a Swift code?
What is an Inactive Account Fee?
What is a profit clearance fee?
Am I charged a profit clearance fee on all my trades?
How much is a profit clearance fee?
What are maintenance fees?

My Account
I forgot/lost my password. What should I do?
Where can I see my transactions or trading history?
Why can’t I see a particular asset?
How can I change my personal details?
I have questions about a trade outcome, what should I do?

Why can’t I log in?
Do I need to download any software to use Opteck’s trading platform?
How do I change the displayed language?
Ebook can’t be opened.
Is Java™ needed on the website?
Is Flash needed on the website?
Emails are not being delivered.
Why is my demo account coming up blank?
Why are some pages of the platform not available?
Why are the video tutorials not loading?

Account Verifications
Why do I need to provide you with my private information?
Where can I find the list of documents required for the verification?
What documentation should I provide for the Trading Account Verification?
What needs to be visible on my ID?
What needs to be visible on my Utility Bill/Bank Statement?
I don’t have any Utility Bill under my name, what should I do?
What needs to be visible on my credit/debit card?

What do I do if the credit/debit card is not under my name?
What do I do if I lost credit/debit card used upon deposit?
How to sign to Terms and Conditions?

Where should I send the required documentation?
How much time it takes to verify my account?
How do I know that my account is verified?
I sent all the documents required, but why do I still receive the emails from stating ‘Send another Document’ OR ‘Documents Incomplete ’?

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